This app will help you meet people to go on adventures with and save money along the way

For when you NEED some sun

If you’re not currently scrolling through Instagram dreaming of white sand beaches and a piña colada at sunset, then what are you even doing at the library? Planning your next holiday is way more useful than cramming your brain full of useless info – everyone knows good exam results are overrated.

If living vicariously through other people’s Instagrams isn’t enough, we’ve got an app that will help you put your dreams into action – Travltalk. This app will help you meet like-minded travellers to go on adventures with, when your mates are just too broke to go with you, and sell any equipment you no longer need along the way.

Want to travel but not sure where to start? Click here to download Travltalk and start planning your adventure now

So, whether you’re looking for a travel buddy for South America, need one more person in your Airbnb or want to sell your ski season bits before you head to the beach, Travltalk is the app for you. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Download Travltalk for free here

Step 2: Sign up with your email or Facebook

Step 3: Create “cards” detailing the trips you want to do or things you want to sell

Step 4: Choose between “meet people”, “split costs” or “sell something”

Step 5: Set your location, the distance you’re open to, and start swiping

Step 6: “Save” the cards you find interesting and start chatting

Finally there’s a way to meet people without having to put up with some gross hostel common room – no longer will you be stuck with cliché travellers’ dead chat, beer-branded tank tops and neon beads. By using Travltalk you can see who’s going to be at a location and make friends with like-minded people before you get there (in between your soul-destroying revision seshes of course). You can even help fund your trip by selling some of your unnecessary travelling equipment along the way.

So, what are you waiting for? You know you deserve it.

Travltalk is a travel app that will help you organise trips, meet like-minded travellers, and fund your way around the world

Planning adventures doesn’t have to be complicated – download Travltalk for free now