This is how you can get £25 worth of Domino’s for just £3.50, try to stay calm!!1!!

Do yourself a favour

This is the time of year when our loans are looking preeeetty thin, and doing fun stuff is a luxury few can afford. But is it a crime to want a lil treat every now and again? We work so hard and cooking is DIFFICULT. Obviously, this attitude is what got us into this financial mess in the first place, so we’ve got something that will help you have the best of both worlds – treats and a snazzy little bargain.

Here’s how you can get a whopping £15 cashback, plus 25 per cent off, on a large pizza from the one, the only, Domino’s:

Sign up for a free Quidco account today and get an exclusive £15 cashback from Domino’s, as well as 25 per cent off with The Tab’s code, 25SPRING – that means you can get £25 worth of pizza for just £3.50

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Step 1: Click on this gorgeous little link here and sign up for a totally, completely free Quidco account. Apologies if you’ve already signed up for Quidco – this is a new user deal so you’ll be unable to get the £15 cashback. But don’t stress – you can still use the voucher code.

Step 2: From Quidco’s page, pop through to the Domino’s website and order whatever your little heart desires. Plus, if you apply the exclusive discount code, 25SPRING, you’ll also get 25 per cent off the order, on top of the £15 you’re already saving. That means that if you spend £25 on pizza, it’ll actually only cost you £3.50. Say whaaaaaat??

Step 3: Kick your sneakers off and relax, as you wait for your fresh, steaming box of dough and cheese.

Step 4: In pretty much no time at all, £15 will appear back in your Quidco account, and then it’s all yours to transfer back to your bank, as if none of this magic ever happened.

Plus, if you don’t fancy Domino’s, you can also get £15 back from Pizza Hut too. It would be rude not to!

Quidco is a totally free cashback website which does deals with thousands of your favourite brands, including ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Superdrug, Trainline, Tesco and thousands more

Sign up for an account today – The Tab readers get an exclusive £15 cashback with Domino’s AND 25 per cent off with code, 25SPRING

And if Domino’s isn’t your bag, you could get £15 cashback at Pizza Hut instead

Sign up for Quidco today and get all the pizza deals your heart desires