This app will literally give you up to £2500 just for flexing your pop culture knowledge

Those hours spent watching Made In Chelsea weren’t wasted

Annoyingly, the average pub quiz is usually aimed at 50-year-old men. Knowing who came runner up in a 1980s golf competition is so rogue, who cares then and who cares now? Especially when your expertise is more centred around Love Island contestants’ star signs and the chronological order of Spencer Matthews’ exes.

Well, Q LIVE is breathing fresh air into the stale smoke and beer fumes of pub-quizzery. This free app-based game allows you to win cash prizes every day, with questions you’ll actually know the answers to.

Q LIVE is the pop culture quiz app where you can win cash prizes every day, by answering questions you understand 

New players can get five free lives with code ‘thetab’ when they download and play Q LIVE

Q LIVE has live quizzes every weekday between 1pm and 10pm. The games are free to play, and every question is multiple choice, with 10 seconds to answer each question. The main game can be played at 1pm and 8.30pm, and if you answer 12 questions right, you’ll win or split a cash prize of £1,000 (£2,500 on Sunday).

There are also two more mini-games every weekday, with Q LIVE Sport on a Wednesday. So here’s how your daily gaming (*cough* procrastinating *cough*) schedule will look:

1pm: 12 questions with a £500 giveaway

3pm: The Free at Three, 3 questions, answer all right to get an extra life

7pm: The Spelling Q, 6 spelling questions and a £100 giveaway

8.30pm: 12 questions with a £1,000 giveaway (£2,500 on Sunday)

9pm on a Wednesday: Q LIVE Sport, 12 questions and a £1,000 giveaway

Q LIVE regularly run themed specials. Every Saturday for the last month, they’ve asked questions on the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. Look out for them as they’ll be introducing new themes soon.

Also, the new Virgin Radio Q LIVE game, hosted by Virgin’s Vassos Alexander and launching at the end of March, will give you yet another chance to win big. This game will run every Thursday at 3pm, with 12 music-based questions and a prize of £1,000.

You only have one life per round, but with our code ‘thetab’, you’ll be able to use this five times, so you’ve already got an advantage.*

If you think you can answer any of the following you have a surefire chance of victory:

  1. How many sides are on a 20p piece?
    5, 6, 7
  2. In ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, who is asked if they will ‘do the fandango’?
    Beelzebub, Scaramouche, Galileo
  3. What is the name of Millie Bobby Brown’s character in ‘Stranger Things’?
    Ten, Eleven, Twelve

Easy right? Each game has cash prizes, as well as exclusive rounds like The Golden Q – where one question in the round will allow users to win a surprise cash prize. This is the case even if you get a question wrong beforehand and are already knocked out, so you’ve always got a chance to rake in the winnings.

There are celebrity guests to present the quizzes, including Megan McKenna and Peter Andre, who are 100 per cent guaranteed to be a better quizmaster than the one in your SU.

The day has come for you to stop wasting your money on dead pub quiz entrance fees. With Q LIVE, you can win up to £2,500 through a day’s worth of quizzing. Translation: your predrinks are about to get a lot more exciting.

*Register as a new player with the code ‘thetab’ and receive one free life instantly. The remaining four will be credited within 72 hours of your first gameplay.

Q LIVE is the new quiz app stopping the nation, featuring pop culture trivia and cash prizes every day

You can also win up to £10k on the Ten Grand Slam giveaway

Download here and use the code ‘thetab’ to get five free lives as a new player