No, this isn’t a joke: ASOS want to give you £10k to spend on your dream wardrobe


The worst thing about being a student is not being able to spend hundreds and hundreds on ASOS whenever we want to – or at least having to live off baked beans when we do just go for it. But we feel your pain, and we want to help you, so we’re about to brighten up your day by at least 150 per cent.

From the 18th February to the 18th March, ASOS are running a sweepstake where you can win £10k to spend on your dream wardrobe. Yes, you read correctly TEN. THOUSAND. POUNDS.

ASOS want to give you £10,000 to spend on your dream wardrobe or anything else your heart desires – enter here

Nothing is off limits, so think of the endless possibilities. You can basically treat ASOS like your own personal wardrobe – as if we don’t do that already – but this time it could all be paid for, and completely unlimited.

Here’s what you have to do:

Step 1. Click on this cheeky little link here (we’re so so so so sosososooo sorry but if you’ve already validated your ASOS student account then you won’t be able to enter. Many apologies).

Step 2. Open your inbox and validate yo’self.

Step 3: You’re pretty much done – when you validate you’ll automatically be entered into the competition, and be in with the chance of winning pretty much all the clothes you could ever dream of.

So what the HELL are you waiting for!? Enter the competition and prove to all your friends that money can buy happiness.

You could win £10,000 to spend on anything you fancy when you validate your ASOS student account

In just two easy steps you could be in with a chance of winning a £10k cash prize to do whatever you want with

Click here to enter ASOS’ sweepstake competition