Calling all creatives: Adobe is offering you the chance to work on your dream project for a whole year

Get paid to do what you love

Are you a budding creative looking to take your career to the next level? Well, there’s some good news and some bad news. The creative industry is growing faster than any other sector in the UK. Which is great. But, this now means that standing out from the crowd is becoming even harder. Thankfully, there’s a solution – Adobe’s Creative Residency is offering you the chance to work on your dream project for a whole year, and get paid for it.

Creative Resident: Isabel Lea. Part of her BRIT(ISH) residency project.

If you want to do what you love, be paid a full salary and get free access to Adobe’s Creative Cloud then apply to Adobe’s Creative Residency now, deadline is 7th February at 23:59 – Click here

As a Creative Resident, you’ll spend a year focusing on a personal project and have the opportunity to share your experience and process with the creative community along the way. So, whether it’s illustrating a children’s book, hosting a photography exhibition or developing your own experimental fonts, Adobe will give you the tools and support needed to make it a reality.

Creative Resident: Isabel Lea. Her creative studio – ATYPICAL.

Adobe will pay you a full salary, cover travel and supply costs and give you access to Creative Cloud, including tools such as Photoshop and After Effects, for free. FOR FREE. With former residents including graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, typographers and more, you can apply no matter your creative passion.

The programme acts as a “career accelerator” for creatives, so will give you the space to make great work, try new tools and refine your process alongside your fellow residents. You’ll also be able to attend events, speak at conferences, and work with leaders in your field. After all this, your CV will be the stuff of dreams.

Creative Resident: Isabel Lea. Part One of her BRIT(ISH) project, visualising Britain through typography.

Apply for Adobe’s Creative Residency and get paid to bring your vision to life – deadline is 7th February, 23:59 – apply here 

But don’t just take our word for it, 2018’s Creative Resident Isabel Lea got all these benefits and some. She told us: “The Adobe Creative Residency gave me access to mentors and creative communities, a full salary and the chance to work with new technology. I’ve been able to work with different brands, create artist’s installations, editorial publications and do talks in London, New York and Berlin!” 

The Creative Residency gave Isabel the chance to work on her project “Character”, which looked at how typography and design could be used to visualise language. Through the programme, she’s been able to create the kind of experimental work she’s always wanted – “pushing the boundaries and blurring the lines around what ‘design’ is”.

Creative Residents Isabel Lea and Aaron Bernstein: Feast Your Eyes, visualising the intersection between food and language.

Be paid to do what you love and receive the support you need to turn it into a successful career – apply for Adobe’s Creative Residency now – deadline is 7th February, 23:59

The Adobe Creative Residency is amazing, so don’t just read this article and put your application in the “I’ll do it later” box. Why not swap your TV binge or nap and use the time more constructively? If you don’t apply to this you’ll kick yourself. And it will hurt. As Isabel put it: “If you don’t take the risk, you’ve automatically lost”.

All you need to do is:

  1. Go to the link here
  2. Fill in some basic details
  3. Upload your project proposal (get inspiration from former Creative Resident’s proposals here)
  4. And, finally, attach your CV.

Only four simple steps between you and your dream career. Applications are open until the 7th February – you’ve got this.

Adobe Creative Residents receive access to the best creative tools and resources, along with guidance from advisors and a full salary

Receive the resources to follow your creative passion and complete the dream project you’ve always wanted to do

Apply now – deadline is the 7th February, 23:59