Why make January more miserable??!! Here’s how you can get £15 off Just Eat today

Clean eating is for the weak

It’s January, so everyone you know is “dry” or “trying not to spend any money”, the weather is flat out depressing, and you have to spend your days in a crowded library, revising for exams that cost nine grand to take. Death.

So why, for the love of God, would you make what is already, categorically, The Worst Month of the Year, even more depressing by going on some kind of drastic “clean eating”, “health cleanse” type flex? In January?? Are you insane?????

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Obviously don’t do that. Come on. Now is the time when spirits need all the lifting they can get. So, in partnership with Quidco, we’ve got a liiiiittle treat for you to help you through this rough old month: £15 cashback on any takeaway with Just Eat – a.k.a. a free takeaway.

Here’s what you need to do to make your life at least five to ten per cent better:

Step 1: Sign up for a totally free Quidco via this offer link.

Step 2: Click through to the Just Eat website and order, order, order. Pizza? Hit it! Chinese? Why the hell not?! Indian? Go off! Get whatever your little heart desires, safe in the knowledge that £15 of it will be heading straight back to you.

Step 3: Once your order is confirmed, £15 will turn up in your Quidco account ready for you to transfer back to yourself – and if you’re smart with your ordering, you could have just got yourself a totally free takeaway my friend.

So that’s it – just three, very easy steps to getting your year off to a less dry start. Time to make 2019 the year of treating yourself.

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