We went inside the fancy Liverpool student accommodation with its own gym AND cinema

I never want to leave

When most people think of uni accommodation they think mould, leaky showers, M.I.A. landlords and boilers that never, EVER, work. But what if there was another way? A better way?

We decided to take a peek into the lives of students doing uni right. Forget having to sleep in five layers of clothing, slippers and your scarf to avoid frostbite, X1 Lettings is the answer to all your living (and heating) prayers. I mean, they’ve got a cinema for god’s sake!!!

We decided to take a peek into the lives of students doing uni right. Jack, a third-year drama student gave us the grand tour of Liverpool One. Two minutes in and we were already reconsidering our housing decisions for next year.

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Why would you recommend X1 Lettings?

What I like is its proximity to town and how easy it is to shop at Tesco and Liverpool One. Also how close it is to the nightlife of Concert Square, meaning I can come home safely without worrying about taxis or buses.

What made you want to live here?

I was told about X1 by a friend after looking for a house. I realised that a studio would be ideal in my final year, especially as it’s so close to the city and uni. It meant that I would have less distractions when I wanted to study, but a social life when I had free time.

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What’s your favourite thing about living here?

The layout of the rooms and location is amazing, especially as it’s near the docks, and I also feel secure even in the city centre. The studios are all well decorated and have a lot of furniture and storage provided, so I didn’t have to worry about buying lots of new things when I moved in.

Is it expensive?

Not massively expensive given what’s included, the space and size mean that it’s well worth the money. Also with the facilities like the gym and cinema included, it means I save money on things that other students would pay for separately. In the long run, with all the added benefits, I definitely save money. Having my own space and clean bathroom definitely ensures it’s worth it.

Are your friends jealous?

My friends are definitely jealous as I have so much space and it’s cleaner and newer than most student properties, without the notoriously bad landlords. Even my parents said it was nice when I was moving in here, which must be a good sign.

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What are the parties like?

The parties here are really fun, especially the Halloween party we had. There’s always events in and around here, especially in our main social room and our cinema room. X1 Lettings have been planning a Christmas party and asking what drinks we like; they always have us in mind. There are lots of events where we can meet new people, so being a third year doesn’t mean missing out on having a life.

Has X1 Lettings met your expectations?

X1 lettings have definitely surpassed expectations – maintenance are always on the job so I don’t have to wait around if there’s ever an issue, and I never feel alone even in my studio as X1 always plan things to make us feel included. It’s definitely made my uni experience better.

With a cinema, gym, table tennis tables and regular parties, X1’s Liverpool One is the coolest in Liverpool

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