The ultimate gift guide for the most awkward women in your life, whatever your budget

You can’t get your housemate yet another scented candle

Time to get the gift wrap out and brace your bank cards – Christmas is coming at us fast, and we’ll bet you’re in no way ready for it – and neither is your fast-depleting loan.

As if purchasing a mountain of presents isn’t stressful enough, there’s always a select few women in our lives who are practically near-on impossible to buy for. So, we put together this Christmas gift guide to help you sort out what to get for the most difficult-to-buy-for girls in your life for a tidy budget of £10, or maybe £20 if you can stretch to that. Thank you baby Jesus.

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Gifts for £10 and under

Even though you pretty much don’t know these girls, you’re a good person so you should try and actually get them something nice. These are the kind of gifts anyone would need, and your ticket to their undying love and affection.

The housemate you never see

You’re not sure they even really exist, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid splashing out on a big old gift, thanks to your other more friendly housemates who thought Secret Santa would be fuuuuun. Try reeling them back in to your life with some of these goodies:

Satin knot bando – £8

Simple discs layered necklace – £8

Silver mini hoop earrings – £10

Blue pearl shimmer for gin – £7.50

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The coursemate you barely know

We’ve all been there: you thought it would be really cute to do a Secret Santa with your seminar group because you’re full of bright ideas about what to get your pals – that is until you get paired with the girl who you’ve only ever heard speak about the Russian Revolution of 1917. Oh well, treat her to these and you’ll have a new mate in no time:

Revitalise mask pamper kit – £10


Hammered oval short drop earrings – £7

Rainbow glitter stripe coin purse – £10

Festive games pack – £5

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If your budget can stretch from £10 – £20:

These are the kind of presents you get for people where you have to show that you’ve made an effort, but you’ve actually got no idea what you’re doing – read on to fool ’em all.

Your other half’s picky sister

She’s intimidating, and you know your relationship hangs in the balance, so let’s not even think about how bad it would be to buy the wrong present. If this girl doesn’t like you, it’s a pretty tricky hurdle to overcome. Better pull out something amazing, like one of these gems:

Harriet holographic jelly washbag – £12

Set of 4 makeup brushes – £15

Enyo semi-precious stone hoop earrings – £15

Sterling silver compass ring – £12.50

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Your best friend who has everything

She always gets you the best present and you really want to make her happy – but nothing feels worse than seeing her fake smile when she opens the gift you spent many stressful hours agonising over. You know her like a sister, so you know when she doesn’t love it. But you can relax – no risk of that awkward grimace with these treats:

Indi sequin clutch bag – £20

Layered sleek long pendant necklace – £15

Drop hoop earrings with Swarovski crystals – £17

Stemless prosecco glasses – £17.50

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The cousin you see once a year

You only ever see them at Christmas, so you’ve got to try and figure out their taste from vague Facebook posts and distant memories of what they said last year over lunch. Luckily, you can’t go wrong with these beauties:



Super fluffy scarf – £20

Michaela sequin makeup bag – £12

Connie concertina coin purse – £8

Large bamboo hoop earrings – £15

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