Here’s how you can get £15 off your train ticket back to uni this Jan

**Update: This deal is still valid after Christmas**


You’re not weird if you put off buying a train ticket home for as long as possible, only to realise two days before the end of term that you’ve wasted all your cash on festive pints, and you’ll either need to spend a lot of money you don’t have, or go grovelling to your parents.

But this doesn’t have to be the case – you’ve got two choices: option one – save money in time, have no fun over the holidays. Or, option two – get lit every day, do whatever you want in the run-up to Christmas, but buy a ticket last-minute with Quidco and Trainline so you’ll get £15 back and won’t have to endure the money lecture from your parents (again). It could even work out as a totally free ticket if you play your cards right – hint: use your Railcard.

Get £15 cashback when you spend £10+ on Trainline, which could potentially nab you a free ticket – get the deal here

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Me making the effort to go home and see my stupid friends and family

Looooooooooks like it’s gonna be option two, so here’s what you need to do to have your cake and eat it:

Step 1: Head to the Quidco website using this offer link, and go ahead and make yourself a totally free account.

Step 2: Click through to Trainline’s website and book your journey as usual. Go on, pop in your Railcard while you’re at it and watch those pounds and pennies come tumbling off.

Step 3: Go home and enjoy a lovely Christmas with your wonderful family who love you and are happy to see you, because you’re no longer constantly trying to fleece them for money. While you’re busy doing that, £15 will turn up in your Quidco account, ready for you to slide back over to your desperate bank balance, which, if you’re lucky, could render your train ticket home totally and utterly free.

Step 4: You should probably buy your family some presents with all that money you’ve just saved. Don’t be selfish just because you’re good at bargains now.

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You could get your train ticket home completely free when you sign up to Quidco for £15 back with Trainline

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Find out how to get yourself home on the cheap this Christmas with Quidco and Trainline