This is how you can get an exclusive six months of Amazon Prime without paying a penny

It’s a Christmas miracle

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There are two types of people: the ones who have all their shopping done in October and will continually remind you of how set they are for the Christmas season, and the majority of us who spend December contending with a non-existent diss, exam prep, and a last minute scramble for presents.

Luckily, Amazon is running a student only offer that gets you access to one-day delivery and exclusive offers, at no cost for six months. SIX MONTHS. After that, it’s only £3.99 a month, which feels like it may as well be free. This is one of the best deals you’ll get on Amazon, for real. You even get access to Amazon Prime Video, to ensure your exam season procrastination isn’t sub-par.

Here’s how to get your Christmas shopping out of the way before it eats you alive:

Get Amazon Prime and Prime Video at no cost for six months with a Prime Student account

Sign up for your Prime Student account here 

Step 1: Go to Amazon’s Student Prime page here.

Step 2: Sign up with your email and verify you’re a student (it’s exclusive – because you’re worth it).

Step 3: Get everything you need ahead of the Christmas rush. Candle set for mum? Get it tomorrow. Novelty mug for the rogue Secret Santa you were given? We got you.

You can finally stop rinsing your mate’s Prime account and get your act together. ‘Tis the season to be thrifty.

Don’t leave your Christmas shopping till last minute – get Amazon Prime at no cost for six months with Prime student

The deal also includes access to Amazon Prime Video, one-day delivery and exclusive student offers

Sign up for your Prime Student account here