Here’s how you can get free drinks and exclusive access to the biggest events in Manchester

The best way to avoid all and any promoters

It’s cold, wet and after endless nights in slightly gross clubs, the sticky floors and constant smell of beer sweat is starting to bore you to tears. But don’t give up on your social life just yet, as we’ve found a way for you to get access to the best events in your city, as well as complimentary drinks to start your night with a bang.

Stop wasting time hunting down the best happy hours and coolest club nights, and let Red Bull do the hard work for you with their Keys To Your City campaign. Want to know where to get the best cocktail inspiration for date night, or need to impress your edgy mates from home? Red Bull will send you exclusive access to events in Manchester in just a few short steps. Seriously, it’s that easy.

Red Bull are now offering exclusive discounts and access to events across Manchester through their Keys to Your City campaign – sign up here

Here’s how to get the freebies you deserve:

Step 1: Go to Red Bulls Keys to Your City site.

Step 2: Input your email address and details. It takes literally one minute, and then you’re 60 seconds closer to living it large.

Step 3: Watch your inbox for info on Red Bulls free drinks at bars including Crazy Pedros and Cane & Grain.

So what are you waiting for? Even more ammunition to brag to your home friends about how much better life is up north.

Red Bull are giving students in Manchester the chance to access exclusive events and parties across the city  and get free drinks at the city’s most popular bars

Free drinks at Manchester bars including Crazy Pedros and Cane & Grain

Sign up here to access Red Bulls Keys to Your City campaign