Hold on to your leggings: Protein World are now doing 35 per cent off all their products

Saving money never felt this good

Freshers’ Week is over. It’s time to get your life in order, but staying healthy on the go isn’t an easy task – we know that.

Whether you’re a serial gym goer, or you just need something to fill you for longer in between lectures, we’ve found a way to keep you feeling fresh during your new uni schedule.

Protein World are now doing a mahoosive 35 per cent off. This’ll apply to all products on their site – including their Slender Blend range (containing 25 vitamins and minerals) and their new baking products – low-calorie recipes for porridge, pancakes and all the rest.

Here’s how you can make some discounted gains this September, whatever your lifestyle:

Get your protein fix for cheap – use code PW35 for a 35 per cent discount on all products from Protein World

Step 1: Go to Protein World’s website here. Choose from endless amounts of baking mixes and protein products including their protein pancakes, Slender Tea and their vegan protein – whatever your needs may be.

Step 2: Add code PW35 at the checkout for a whopping 35 per cent off. Pure savings.

Step 3: Load up on all the healthy snacks you could ask for and then top it off with a treat from Protein World’s new baking range. The dessert of champions.

It’s that simple. Get the fuel you need for cheaper, and your weekly cake fix without wrecking your diet or account balance.

Even Charlotte Crosby and Chris Hughes have been getting their healthy bake on – watch them putting the Slender Baking mix to the test below:

Stay stocked up on all the protein you need this September – get 35 per cent off all products at Protein World with discount code PW35