We found the best-dressed people at Pride and we’re still not quite over it

Time to shine


All over the world, Pride is one of the happiest events of the year and never fails to bring the most outrageous, beautiful and exciting looks. Whether swimming in a sea of glitter and sequins or belting up in leather harnesses, the LGBTQ+ community were out in force, with styles as hot as the weather.

With people aged 16-24 the most likely to identify as LGBTQ+, it’s no surprise that so many students were out watching the parade and serving some fire outfits. So we went along to London Pride to catch the best-dressed members of the LGBTQ+ community looking fab and loving life.

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Although her rainbow-sequinned playsuit takes centre-stage, Kirsty’s clever use of accessories really makes the outfit.

The unicorn hairband is a perfect, minimal pairing for her super-colourful playsuit, while the ring belt pulls the look together and stops it looking too ‘circus-y’.

Luq and Dean

Luq and Dean have co-ordinated their outfits seamlessly, even down to the symmetry of their comb-overs.

Their gold, sequinned tunics fit perfectly into the sparkly, decadent vibe of Pride, while their matching use of a large volume of gold really makes an impact.


Alexa’s look may be a lot more low-key than many of her fellow Pride-attendees, but she is still completely on-theme and looking great.

Her red skirt works as a pop of colour against her black (apt) rainbow tee, which gives a classy nod to the event. She’s also cleverly knotted her top at the waist to turn it into a cute crop.

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Conor has 100 per cent embraced Pride style, using glitter, rainbow colours and fringing as the main features to his look.

The rainbow fringing makes an especially big statement against the black of his outfit, while the blues, pinks of yellows of his glitter give him a somewhat ethereal vibe.


Imogen looks super cute in her rainbow flares, and has let them do the talking by pairing them with a simple white top. She’s also mirrored the trousers with her accessories, putting rainbow flowers and pom-poms on her wrists, head, and even her bag.

Bonus points for going all-out with that double headdress combo too.

Jo and Kathryn

Jo and Kathryn are giving a literal nod to Pride with their sequinned baker-boy caps. On-trend and on-theme, very clever.

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Lewis, Mattie, Harry and Brendan

Lewis, Mattie, Harry and Brendan bring prime pack-appeal in their co-ordinated yet mismatched patterned shirts and light shorts.


Dionne is a green goddess in her skirt and top co-ord. She’s accessorised her look by tying a scarf tied to her belt, which, along with her thigh-high brown boots, gives her outfit a cool, piratey feel.

Dionne has also subtly incorporated the classic Pride rainbow with her earrings and lanyard.

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Mark’s floral shorts-and-shirt co-ord is the perfect combination of breezy and colourful – it’s ideal for the heatwave as well as Pride.

Props for the excellent styling with the rolled-up sleeves and the French tuck – Tan would be so proud.

Aimee and Mellissa

Aimee and Mellissa have coordinated their shimmery blue outfits to a T – from Aimee’s embellished denim co-ord, to Mellissa’s fringed, metallic leggings and matching bralet, they’re a real stylish pair.

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Photographer: Jak Fitzsimmons