Back by popular demand: Here’s how you can get £15 off your next train ticket with Trainline

All aboard for a massive bargain

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As you might have noticed from the sporadic hot weather and the random, terrifying thunder storms, summer is here! And that means it’s time to spend the remaining vestiges of your loan on a pricey train ticket, so you can lug your entire uni room back home again.

But we’ve got something that’ll ease the pain of the dreaded moving-back-home journey – Quidco will give you £15 cashback on your train ticket, in partnership with Trainline. Here’s how you can save some serious pennies:

Quidco is a totally free, online cashback service – get a massive £15 back when you buy your Trainline ticket through their website – find out more here

Step 1: Sign up for a free Quidco account via this exclusive link, and then head on through to Trainline.

Step 2: Order your train ticket just like you normally would (except more smug because you’re about to save BIG). Don’t forget to add your Railcard to save even more dollar, on top of the dollar you’re already saving.

Step 3: Thats preeeeetty much it. £15 cashback will automatically be transferred into your Quidco account, which you can then transfer back to your own bank account.

There it is. You done. Congrats on saving all that money. Proud of ya.

The first 700 readers to sign up will get £15 off a Trainline ticket home with Quidco – bag yourself a bargain here

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