It’s back: Here’s how to get a large Domino’s pizza AND a side for free

This is definitely brain food

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Remember the last Domino’s deal we gifted you? Well now we’ve got another one that’s even bigger and even better. This time, you can get a pizza, plus a side. Uh huh, yep, that’s correct – IT’S A LARGE PIZZA AND A SIDE FOR FREE.

So here’s how to spice up your life and make your day considerably better:

Get £17 cashback at Domino’s when you sign up for a free Quidco account – you can bag yourself a free large pizza and side – sign up now to get the deal

Step one: Sign up for a free Quidco account using this offer link.

Step two: Once you’re registered, click ‘Order Domino’s’, and do yo’ thang. Order pizza to your heart’s content. Make sure to chuck in that side order. Go crazy – it’s the only thing to be happy about during exams, after all.

Step three: Kick back and wait for your food to arrive. Literally all you have to do is answer the door to the delivery man.

Step four: Quidco will deposit £17 back into your Quidco account, without you having to even try – then it’s super simple to pop it back into your bank account. That gives you a massive £17 off your whole bill – play your cards right and that’s a free dinner.

That’s it! So simple, so easy, everyone loves it. Now you’ve probably procrastinated for a solid ten minutes, time to get back to ‘work’ and procrastinate in a different way by thinking about your imminent Domino’s instead.

Get a pizza and a side paid for by Quidco when you’re one of the first 500 people to sign up for a free account today

Plus, if you sign up to Quidco on a Tuesday, you can get two free pizzas with Domino’s Two For Tuesday deal – order now

You can get cashback on thousands of your favourite brands when you sign up for Quidco – there are no scary T’s and C’s, and no catch