Put down your revision notes: Here’s how you can get 20 per cent off ASOS, for three days only



As a special treat (and an excellent way to procrastinate), ASOS are offering 20 per cent student discount for three days only – that’s double the discount you normally get.

Students can get 20 percent off at ASOS for the next three days only – shop now

What’s more, ASOS have made it even easier for you to see what you really want, with special student pages for guys and girls. They’ve got a massive range for you to choose from, so you’re bound to find an absolute bargain on something you love.

For example, you can get this black denim skirt for £20, as opposed to the original £25 – you’ve needed one for a while, now is the time to commit!

ASOS Design Denim Pelmet Skirt in Washed Black

You would look preeeeeetty swish with these Reeboks. They could be on your feet for 20 per cent less than what you’d normally pay – that’s £52, down from £65.

Reebok NPC II Trainers in White

Check out ASOS’ student looks and get 20 per cent off for the next three days only – shop here

There’s even 20 per cent off makeup brands like MAC – get this lipstick for only £14.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

Boys – check out this jacket, which will only be £32 after discount. Bet you can see yourself swaggering around campus in this. You can, can’t you?

ASOS Denim Worker Jacket in Black

Students can get 20 per cent off at ASOS for a limited time – shop now

You can get money off the coolest brands – this Champion t-shirt will only set you back £29.60.

Champion Relaxed T-Shirt with Small Script Logo

What about this leotard for under a tenner? Perfect for all those end-of-exams summer parties, some would say…

ASOS Design Halter Body

So why not take five and just give the ASOS website a quick browse. After all, you need something to look forward to amongst all that library boredom, and what could be better than one of those black and white ASOS bags landing on your door mat?

Don’t have an ASOS student discount code yet? Validate it here

Get some more inspiration from ASOS’ Student Style pages

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