If you’re going travelling in Australia, don’t bother with the Northern Territory

Wow a desert, original


Australia isn’t just around the corner, so if you’re travelling all that way, why the hell would you go to a part of the country just to look at some red rocks? Are you mad? Straight to Byron for me, please and thank you.

The Northern Territory just looks dull, so here are even more reasons travelling there is not worth spending your precious loan on:

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There is literally nothing special about the Northern Territory

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I could count all the things there is to do on one hand

Yeah Byron Bay is nice and the Opera House is pretty special, but everyone goes there 

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The place is riddled with hideous pests

And you’ll be forced to hang out with your friends at places like this

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Are there even any beaches? Doubtful

It’s waaaaay too hot

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Probably because the majority of it is crappy desert

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Where there’s nothing to see, obviously

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And isn’t the food just ‘shrimp on the barbie’?

I could get this in Weston-super-Mare

So yeah, don’t bother with the Northern Territory, it’s pretty average

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Spend your loan on something worthwhile – like printing credits

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Obviously all of Australia is amazing, but there’s so much more to the country than the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne 

When you go Down Under, do something different and travel through the Northern Territory 

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