VK is looking for brand ambassadors, and yes you’ll get free VKs

Not a drill, repeat, not a drill

There are a lot of brand ambassador jobs floating around campus, but none have ever been so coveted, until now. The VK gods have decided – and you might want to sit down for this – to allow some of us mere mortals into the colourful fold by appointing a team of VK ambassadors.

I’ll let that sink in.

You’ll be absolutely drenched in VK merch, and the free VKs flowing your way will make you believe that dreams really do come true.

Want to be a VK ambassador? Find out more about how to apply for the role here – applications close on 1st June 2018

Other benefits include earning up to £100 a month, free gig tickets for events at O2 Academies and VIP entry to clubs for you and your mates.

To apply for the role, upload a 30-60 second video to Instagram using the #VKambassadors – no need for a CV and cover letter, hallelujah. VK wants to know things like why you’d be good for the role, why you love VK, what your favourite flavour is, anything really – be as creative as you want, the opportunities are endless. Go to the VK website here to find out even more about the role.