We spoke to a student makeup blogger about how to get the perfect, post-late-night makeup in five minutes

You’ve woken up at 8:44, just 16 minutes before that essential 9am. You swore you wouldn't let your housemates tempt you out of an early night, but you were weak. Classic you. Now you’re in a life-or-death situation.

You need to leave the house within five minutes, but your reflection shows nothing but a haggard, red-eyed monster.

You can’t go like this – what if that spice on your course is there?

But don't worry – we spoke to student makeup blogger, Julia Cohen, about how to fix your face in just five minutes – it might even become part of your regular routine:

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The Routine


Start with a bare face – give it a quick wash or give it a scrub with a makeup wipe to get last night's crusty mascara off if you need to.

Step 1 - Moisturiser:

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Hydration brightens sallow skin and helps your makeup go on nicely – and let's face it, we need all the help we can get.

Apply a penny-sized amount all over your face and rub it in until it’s absorbed – I use Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb.

Time: 15 seconds

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Step 2 - Primer:

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Primer will make sure your makeup doesn’t come peeling off in unattractive orange flakes all over your lecture notes.

I’m using MAC Prep and Prime. Just dab it on your skin at even intervals and rub it in.

Time: 15 seconds

Step 3 - Concealer:

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Now is your chance to hide all your mistakes. Applying concealer first makes your foundation's job easier by neutralising the blue-green tones in the dark circles you've got from staying out all night, as well as the red spots you've got from deleting a large cheesy chips on the way home.

NYX Full-Coverage Concealer is paying off my overdraft, putting me back on-track for a 2:1 and re-writing my CV all at the same time.

Time: 30 seconds

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Step 4 - Foundation:

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You all know the drill – dot it on your face and rub it all in – you can use a brush like me, or your fingers if you prefer.

This will make your situation immediately better if you've got the right bicep action – MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation will really brighten your skin and cover that late-night greyness.

Time: 1 minute

Step 5 - Contour:

Necklaces: CLUSE Essentielle Gold Set of Two Fine Necklaces with Petite Hexagon

Time to draw some features back onto the tired, lifeless slab that is your face. You can go from blank canvas to Kim K in seconds and no one would know the mess that was there before.

I’m using Rimmel Insta Duo Contour Stick. Draw *symmetrically* in the shape of a number three where you wish your features were – the first point at your temples, the second under your cheekbones, and the third along your jaw.

Then blend as if your life depends on it.

Time: 40 seconds

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Step 6 - Blush:

Use blush on the apples of your cheeks to bring some colour to your face and hide the fact that you’ve had approximately four hours sleep, if you’re being generous.

Even if you feel like a miserable shell of a person, try smiling when you put on your blush – it will help you look rosy in all the right places. You can also try applying blush to your nose to give yourself a balanced, glowy vibe.

I’m using Lottie London Blush Crush in Harry because it’s really good at making me look like I’m not dead.

Time: 10 seconds

Step 7 - Highlight:

By now you’re looking a little more lively, maybe even… quite good? But don’t lose momentum now – urgency is key.

Time to highlight those cheekbones you drew on a second ago to fake some radiance. Lightly dusting Revolution Strobe Highlighter over your cheekbones and the end of your nose will give you the perfect dewy glow and make you look super fresh.

Time: 10 seconds

Step 8 - Brows:

Another way to trick people into thinking you’re wholesome and well-rested is to enhance your brows – it’ll make your eyes look more open and draw attention away from the bags hanging out underneath them.

I’m using NYX Precision Brow Pencil – stretch your brow upwards with your finger and colour in for a nice, defined arch.

Time: 1 minute

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Step 9 - Lashes:

Time: 10 seconds

In the interests of opening those tired peepers up even further, curl your lashes before you put on your mascara – it makes a world of difference. It helps to use a pumping motion with your curler to avoid getting a single, big fold in your eyelashes.

After that, I zig-zagged MAC’s Bold & Bad Lash mascara upwards from the roots of my eyelashes to help my eyes go from shrivelled and glaring to bright and enchanting.

Time: 30 seconds

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Step 10 - Finishing Touches:

Time: 5 seconds

We’re nearly there. Last night is well and truly hidden, and chances are you’re going to make it to that 9am with time to spare.

All that’s left is to make sure your hard work is still in place by the time you get to uni. Put on some lip gloss (I use NARS Lip Gloss in Striptease), and then fix it all in place with a setting spray like MAC Prep + Prime Fix.

Time: 5 seconds

Total time: 4 minutes, 50 seconds

And there you go – a quick, easy way to do full face of late-night concealing makeup in under five minutes. Now all that’s left is to stay awake during that lecture.

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