This website is just like Tinder but for grad jobs, where actual employers will slide into your DMs

Swipe right for 28 days holiday and a pension scheme


Tinder quickly gets depressing swiping through endless people who refer to themselves as “gin lovers”, have thirsty six-pack-slash-dog-slash-baby pictures or put “If you don’t love the gym then don’t bother swiping right” in their bio.

These people ultimately bring nothing to your life. But you know what would? An actual job. This is a site that makes that so much easier. is a jobs site which matches you with employers you’d love to work for, and more importantly, employers that are interested in you.

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Firstly, you create a profile, then you enter your details and select the job sectors you’re most interested in – you’ll be matched with companies who are looking to employ people like you. It’s just like Tinder but waaaaay less seedy, and certainly more productive.

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Then it’s up to you to choose which graduate jobs, graduates schemes or internships¬†appeal most – employers can only see your profile once you’ve decided to connect with them, and then they’ll drop you a message about applying. Even if they’re not currently hiring, they’ll slide in your DMs to let you know when their applications open. will also help you find opportunities you wouldn’t find on big jobs websites, like startups or smaller businesses. They’ll make you realise all the roles you could be really good at but hadn’t considered, based on your degree.

It’s pretty much the easiest way to apply for a grad job – you’ve got career Tinder to turn to, and you might even find love.

Finding a job doesn’t have to ruin your life – is a really easy way to get a job you love, without the hassle

It’s so easy to use, and makes the process so much quicker, simpler, and more rewarding

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