Here’s how you can get £15 off any Trainline ticket by doing next to nothing


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Well well well, what have we here? Oh, just an absolutely banging deal that can get you home for Easter for next to nothing.

Quidco, in partnership with Trainline, are offering £15 cashback on any UK train ticket – you can get back a phat chunk of your ticket home, and you barely have to move a muscle. You’re going home anyway, so you might as well do it cheaply.

Here’s how to save yourself some mad dolla:

Quidco is a free cashback site that can get you £15 back on tickets from Trainline – sign up here

Step 1: Sign up for a (free) Quidco account and then take yourself through to the Trainline website via this offer link.

Step 2: Purchase a train ticket as you normally would – you can even use the deal and your railcard at the same time – the pounds are just tumbling off this bill, I can’t even keep track of it omg.

Step 3: That’s it to be honest. £15 will be automatically popped into your Quidco account, and you can transfer it back to your own bank account – we’re talking free money here, don’t be silly.

And there you have it – just three steps to getting yourself out of your dingy uni house and spending a lovely Easter in the warm glow of home. God is good.

If you’re one of the first 500 people to click on this link, you can get £15 cashback on your tickets home for Easter – sign up to Quidco here

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