The Spoons Uni Rankings: Who spends the most money at Wetherspoons?

I thought better of you Belfast


We don’t come to uni because of boring stuff like league tables or “getting a job”. We’re here because we can drink lots and lots of pints at Wetherspoons and there are no stupid parents to tell us we can’t.

But which unis love Spoons enough to spend a significant chunk of their loan there on the regs?

We’ve delved into the data provided by Cleo, a digital assistant that looks after your money, to find out how much students at each uni spend on an average, glorious, pitcher-filled trip to Wetherspoons:

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It comes as no surprise that even though Newcastle is one of the cheapest cities in the UK, the absolute wreckheads up in the Toon are dropping the most dolla in Spoons, spending a massive £16.73 a visit. That probably equals about 81 trebles and two pints to wash them down with.

On the other hand, London unis are weak sauce, spending only £10.93 a visit which is probably just about enough for a half-pint of Diet Coke (no ice, no lemon).

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Cambridge is surprisingly high on the Wetherspoons baller list, with its students spending £14.78 per trip. Maybe this is because they can only sneak out of their back-to-back seminars to go to the pub once a year, so have to fit all their stress-drinking into one massive, frenzied pints session.

Durham and Belfast are letting the team down and bringing up the rear, spending £5.67 and £4.33 respectively. A massive disappointment from Belfast who market themselves as absolute sesh legends, but perhaps not so surprising from Durham, who are too busy attending balls and clay pigeon shooting to lower themselves to entering a Wetherspoons. Do they even serve port at Spoons?

Check out the rest of the results here:

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