Here’s how you can bag yourself a free Chinese and perk up this dark, cold January

Or any takeaway for that matter

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We’re back in our cold, damp student houses, and the warmth of home and free food is a distant memory. So why make January even more bleak by dieting, sweating your guts out at a packed gym and ‘going dry’ for a month? Do you hate yourself?

But we’ve got a remedy for this misery, and it’s an offer you can’t refuse: £13 cash back on Just Eat. A big old greasy chow mein seems much more appealing than some steamed kale and brown rice after a full day in the library, doesn’t it?

Sign up for a free Quidco account here and get £13 off any Just Eat takeaway you desire

Here’s a simple three-step plan to achieve true joy in January:

Step One: Sign up for a free Quidco account and swing on through to Just Eat using this offer link.

Step Two: Order ANY TAKEAWAY you fancy. Doesn’t have to be a Chinese, it could be Indian, pizza or even chicken. Go crazy. 2018 is your year, and you’ve got £13 to blow.

Step Three: Once you’ve ordered, the aforementioned £13 will slink back into your Quidco account, all for you to cash out to your current account. The perfect crime.

What could be better than a gorgeous takeaway to cheer the spirits on a dark, miserable January night? Oh that’s right, a free, gorgeous takeaway of your very own choosing. Looks like 2018 is going to be a belter.

The first 500 people will get £13 cashback on a Just Eat takeaway of their choice when they sign up to Quidco
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