We went inside the Nottingham accommodation with its own nightclub

Yes, a nightclub


We’d heard rumours going round for a while about Fusion’s Nova, an accommodation slap bang in the middle of Nottingham city centre. With its own nightclub, fully equipped with lights and a bar, just without the freezing two hour queue, it’s safe to say it’s pretty swish.

Forget Balfour Road, Albert Grove or even Lenton Boulevard, Nova is the place to live if you’re seeking that extra swanky student experience.

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We spoke to Nova resident Sophia Burns to find out what it’s really like to live in the fanciest halls in town.

What’s your favourite thing about Nova?

Definitely the Common Building of the accommodation itself. University halls normally have a JCR and a TV or games room, but this accommodation is unique – it has a whole building dedicated to fun stuff.

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A ping pong table and everyone’s fave sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, on repeat.

It has five floors of rooms: a study area, two games rooms, a home cinema and karaoke room. Plus, the nightclub upstairs is super fun – you can get all your mates round and it always guarantees a banging night.

Tell me about the club?

It’s sick – we’ve got a great sound system and lighting, a DJ booth, dance floor and obviously, a bar.

There’s usually a party every night at the club. Whether it’s pres for Rock City – which is literally two seconds away from Nova – a cocktail party or a themed night. 

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Fusion put on loads of events for us – there’s always something happening. Every so often we suit up for a classy pres which is really funny; there’s nothing better than sipping VKs while in your finest garms. It’s definitely the most lit halls in Nottingham.

Hit the club without having to leave the building – check out Fusion’s beaut accommodation here

How often do you go to the club?

Whenever I go out! I spend an hour or two beforehand dancing and getting excited. It’s ridiculously close to Stealth, Rock City and Ink which makes things even better – no expensive taxis or roaming around in the cold. 

Once we had a VK-themed night. We all dressed up in the colour of our favourite flavour – I was obviously in blue.  

The whole club was decked out in the VK colours, we even had a VK mascot taking pictures with everyone. It was so funny. 

What’s it like living here?

There are all sorts of people here – freshers and second years, and students from all over the world, as well as Uni of and Trent students.

It’s so interesting and there’s always something going on – I’ve made some of my closest friends here.

Sophia’s room, with a 40 inch flat screen TV and a beaut view of the city.

I saw a Facebook post about Fusion in my first year and knew straight away I was going to move in. I booked it a week later, even though it was still being built at the time – it was brand new when I moved in.

Are your friends jealous?

I always hear my friends complaining about maintenance issues with their landlords. Their plumbing leaks, the electricity company charges them too much or the internet breaks.

I never have those issues – at Nova everything is clean and well-maintained – it’s stress-free accommodation.

There’s an iPhone app so I can see if I’ve had any deliveries, check out what’s happening in the Common Building, and even order food from the supermarket. I can also call reception 24/7 if I need anything.

Is it super expensive?

For what it’s worth, not at all. I could be spending £130 pounds a week to live in Lenton or the Park with seven other people.

I’d still have to pay £20 extra weekly for a gym membership – here I get a massive gym, a home cinema, karaoke bar, and free entry to a club, in an amazing location, all for £140 – it’s a no-brainer.

No excuses this time, Crisis is literally around the corner.