We went inside the Newcastle accommodation with its own cinema and gym

It actually has a room called the ballroom


We’d heard chat circulating for a while about an accommodation site in Newcastle with studio flats and it’s own cinema. So we went down to Fusion Students’ Plummer House to see if the rumours were true.

Forget eating in the corridor because there’s no communal space, or being cramped in a cold, mouldy room. Entering the accommodation, we were offered a coffee – it felt like luxury hotel living. You don’t get that in Leazes.

Fusion’s Plummer House has amazing facilities like a gym, a bar, and a cinema – check out their beaut accommodation here

Our tour guides, David from Northumbria University and Elizabeth from Newcastle University, gave us all the exclusive insights about what it’s like to live in Plummer House.

What’s your favourite thing about living here?

David: That’s a really difficult question. Technically the cinema is the best feature, but there’s the ballroom, bar and gym too – we’re pretty spoilt here.

Elizabeth: For me it’s the living areas themselves – all these studio flats have their own kitchen, bathroom, double bed and flat screen TV. There’s also beaut communal areas where you can work or just chill with mates.

Tell me about the cinema?

Elizabeth: We normally go about twice a week – it’s a nice place to relax after uni. It’s not too busy, and even if someone is already in there you can just go in and chill with them.

They have ‘Thursday cinema night’ where you get free popcorn. Fusion post polls in a Facebook group so we can all decide what to watch – the films are normally pretty current too.

David: The cinema is really big and has really comfy chairs. It’s got a Netflix account linked to it, or you can plug in your PlayStation – FIFA looks absolutely sick on the big screen.

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What’s it like living here?

Elizabeth: I won’t lie, it’s great. I’ve already re-booked for next year. When you arrive there are welcome parties in the ballroom and bar. Fusion organised events with free Domino’s, beer pong and free drinks – it was like having our own Freshers’ week.

David: I love how friendly it is – I really didn’t expect it to be so sociable. It feels like a family.

Elizabeth: We all get on so well, obviously we have our own little groups but everyone mixes in. I feel completely comfortable bringing home friends to stay. Everyone is from different backgrounds, unis and ages, and the variety makes it a lot of fun.

What are the parties like?

Elizabeth: Fusion put on loads of different themed events. We had a Funfair evening with stalls and candy floss and even a bouncy castle.

The best was Halloween – the whole ballroom was decorated and there were free drinks and sweets. It was packed – we went for pres, but everyone ended up staying here – we essentially got a massive party for free.

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Is it expensive?

David: It’s more expensive than uni halls but there are so many bonuses, it actually ends up being a bargain. Everything’s included so you don’t have to pay for bills or gym membership.

Also, there are often offers when you sign up to live here, like a month free of rent, a Netflix account or £250 Amazon vouchers.

Elizabeth: I’d really recommend it because the rooms are so good. You get all the fun of regular halls and more, but without any of the grottiness. It’s definitely worth the money.

Do you ever wish you were in uni halls?

David: No, this is definitely the best. Friends staying in halls always talk about how they’re cramped with not nearly the same facilities, and in houses they always complain about dodgy landlords or broken heating. We don’t have to worry about any of that here. We’ve also got everything we need under one roof – having the cinema and an amazing gym right there is great.

Elizabeth: I don’t feel like I’m missing out not living in ‘traditional’ student housing. It’s really easy to get to uni; two minutes from Northumbria and ten to Newcastle. There are great views of the Sage from some of the rooms. You don’t have to get a taxi on a night out and you don’t miss your 9ams as much.

Plummer House is in an ideal location and has amazing facilities – check out the accommodation here

Are your friends jealous?

David: I’m always excited to bring friends here, there’s so many different rooms to show off to them. They always get excited about the free coffee machine in reception as well.

Elizabeth: I think they are! It definitely exceeded my expectations – when I walked into the Ballroom and saw the cinema I just knew I wanted to live here.

Complete with a gym, private dining room, cinema and nightclub, Plummer House’s accommodation is the coolest in Newcastle

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