We went inside the Cardiff accommodation with its own nightclub

They have a cinema and a karaoke room too


We’d heard rumours circulating about Eclipse, an accommodation in a league of its own. The lucky Cardiff students who live in here enjoy a free 24/7 gym, a giant private dining room, a cinema, study rooms, a karaoke room and even a nightclub.

We visited Eclipse and spoke to Bami and Jennifer, two of its residents, about what it’s like to live in the sickest accommodation in Cardiff.

Jennifer (left) and Bami

Fusion’s Eclipse has amazing facilities like a gym, bar, club and cinema – check out the accommodation here

What do you like most about living at Eclipse?

Bami: My favourite thing is the club – I always get my mates round. It’s got an insane sound system and it’s cheap because you can bring your own drinks – you don’t even need to go out.

Some people love the study areas because they’re really plush and a great space to work in, but for me personally, the nightclub is the best part.

Jennifer: I like having a cooking sesh and eating with all my friends in the dining room, or we’ll do takeaway nights – often in student halls or houses the kitchens aren’t big enough to do that.

We had an Italian night last week with around 30 people – everyone brought their own food and it was brilliant.

Not every student house has its own private, 14-person dining room – check out Eclipse here

What’s been the best night at Eclipse so far?

Bami: A friend had their birthday in the club once – we were supposed to go out but everyone ended up staying. It was pretty packed but we all had a great time.

Jennifer: The club gets used quite a lot, we do pres there all the time – something is happening there most nights. It’s great to get you excited before going out.

Bami: Everyone knows each other because it’s so sociable. I’ll be walking around and be able to say hi to pretty much anyone – we’re all mates. We’ve got a group chat – it’s like living in a huge student house.

Hit the club without having to leave the building – check out Fusion’s beaut accommodation here

What’s it like living here?

Jennifer: I’ve met so many different people. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what uni you’re at or year you’re in, you’ll find someone else in the same boat. I’ve made a lot of friends.

Bami: The facilities are amazing. I’ve lived in other private accommodation, but when I looked round Eclipse I was blown away by how cool it is.

Also, the people at the front desk are amazing. If you ever need anything they’ll make you their number one priority and drop whatever they’re doing to help you out. For me, that makes it stand out above every other place.

Looking for beaut accommodation in Cardiff? Check out Fusion’s Eclipse site here

Is it easy to get to uni?

Bami: I study Engineering so it’s literally a two minute walk for me, it’s right across the road. It’s so easy, but if you need to go further they have an Uber pickup here too.

Jennifer: I study Journalism so it’s a bit further, but it takes 15 minutes max and it’s a nice walk around the city.

On a night out, most of us walk into town because it’s so near. On the way back, we can call security and they’ll meet us at our taxi and walk us home. They’re so lovely, all you need to do is call.

Eclipse is in an ideal location and has amazing facilities – check out the accommodation here

What do your friends think of Eclipse?

Bami: When my mates come round they’re like ‘Wow, you’ve got a nightclub, you’ve got a gym, you’ve got study rooms, a cinema, karaoke’ – it never fails to impress.

I stayed with a friend for two weeks before I moved in and I couldn’t wait to get out. Here we don’t have to deal with broken heating and dodgy internet – it’s all included so it’s really hassle-free.

Jennifer: My friends think it’s amazing. I definitely wouldn’t swap it for a regular student house now.

Is it super expensive?

Jennifer: The facilities, the security, and the standards here are so high, you get a lot of extra stuff for your money. It probably works out cheaper once you add it all up.

Uni accommodation has nowhere near the facilities we have here and there’s just no space to relax. Eclipse is more expensive than typical uni accommodation, but we get so much included.

Bami: It’s definitely worth the money – it’s brand new and continues to surpass my expectations. I was shocked by how good it is – I still get that ‘wow’ feeling every single time I walk in.