We went inside the Bristol accommodation with its own gym and cinema

Probably nicer than your student digs

We’d heard rumours of Fusion Tower, the student accommodation with its own private gym, cinema and beer pong table, alongside a Party Lounge and lush apartments, located in Bristol’s city centre.

We headed down to Fusion Tower to get a tour from some of the students who live there, to see how it measures up to Stokes Croft and Redland.

Sam, Estella and Beth, studying at BPP, UWE and BIMM respectively, were our tour guides for the day. 

My tour guides: Estella, Beth and Sam 

What’s the best thing about living here?

Estella: For me it’s the location – it’s five minutes away from The Bearpit and Christmas Steps – I wake up at 8:30 before a 9am and just hop on the bus. It’s the most convenient place to be. The coach station is right there.

Sam: Having the gym is sick – it makes it so much easier to go when you don’t even have to leave the building.

Fusion Tower is in an ideal location and has amazing facilities – check out the accommodation here

Tell me about the cinema?

Estella: It’s so nice to relax in after uni or at weekends. We can reserve it to watch films with our mates or play FIFA with no disturbances – it’s so cool to play on a big screen.

Sam: When the Great British Bake Off final was on, Fusion staff handed round cakes for all of us, it was cute. When big shows like Game of Thrones are on the cinema is especially popular so reserving it makes it a proper occasion.

Beth: I always get uni mates round – it’s a great space to chill when you just want to do nothing.

Is it fun?

Estella: There’s a Party Lounge which guarantees a good time – our friends come from outside of Fusion Tower for the parties. There’s beer pong, big neon lights, an insane sound system – we’ve even got an in-house DJ, Daniel.

Beth: Fusion Tower is generally really sociable. It’s so nice how there’s always people around and there’s always something to do.

Sam: It’s quite worldly as well – there are UK and international students, students studying at different unis and in different years – it means that there’s so much more variety day-to-day.

Have you made friends living here? 

Beth: Everyone is really lovely. The other people who live here and even the staff are super friendly – it’s just like living with a huge bunch of your mates.

Estella:  I see my friends here every day. You can literally just walk around and say hi to whoever you walk past because everyone knows each other.

Sam: It’s definitely a little community – loads of people who live here now are rebookers from 2016/17 – I think that really shows how much people enjoy living here.

Are all your friends jealous?

Sam: Everyone in Bristol knows about Fusion Tower. It’s definitely impressive.

Beth: When my friends visit they’re shocked at how much I get for my rent. Their money gets them so much less in uni halls or a student house, and here we don’t have any of the classic student house issues like broken heating or dodgy landlords. Everything is nice and clean and easy. 

Estella: My friends are definitely jealous that we’ve got a games room, cinema and private gym! We’ve got so many facilities, and things like wifi, a gym membership and bills included in our rent – it probably winds up cheaper than paying for it all separately.