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We’ve got 100 VK Christmas jumpers to give away and no this is not a drill

Ho ho ho, it’s a Christmas miracle

Santa must absolutely love the sesh, because he’s just dropped off the most joyous Christmas gifts for all ye faithful VK enthusiasts.

The VK gods have listened to your cries for more merch, and have created – as if from droplets of the sugary bottled nectar itself – 100 VK Christmas jumpers.

Feast your eyes on this absolute beauty:

VK is giving away 100 incredible Christmas jumpers to VK lovers out there – all you have to do is share this very story and like VK’s Facebook page

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Christmas puds, baubles, and mini bottles all adorn the festive knitwear in VK’s beloved colours. The best part? FLASHING LIGHTS.

To get one of these rare, coveted and frankly gorgeous jumpers, all you have to do is share this very story on Facebook with the hashtag #VKChristmasJumper, and then like VK’s Facebook page here. You’ll then be entered into a draw to win the prize of a lifetime.

That’s how easy it is folks. So share, share away and gift yourself the present you’ve been dreaming about your whole life.

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