Researchers have finally worked out which degree actually has the biggest workload

Ooooh look at me I’m soooo busy


Pretty much every student in the UK claims to have the heaviest workload, and we spend nearly as much time competing over it as we do actually studying.

But thankfully, our good pals at the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) are going to help us settle this once and for all, so we can stop boring each other to death and actually get on with our degrees.

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They’ve crunched the numbers and worked out that Media, Journalism and Broadcasting (AKA Mass Communications and Documentation) students officially lose the “I work so hard” game, with an embarrassing 19 hours of work a week.

Makes sense, seeing as ‘independent study’ for them probably means having rolling news on in the background while they play FIFA.

Flip-reverse to the other end of the scale and we (obviously) find Medics and Dentists. They, surprise surprise, have to grind away for a massive 37 hours a week. It ain’t no small thing dicing with life, death and teeth – luckily, they don’t bang on about it much.

Architects also have it tough, pulling a hefty 30-hour week in the studio and complaining around 80 per cent as much as medics.

Although life isn’t exactly easy for History and Philosophy students, who have to spend 25 hours a week poring over their essays – one could be forgiven for thinking that they’re single-handedly raising four kids and holding down a job in A&E from how busy they claim to be.

Still, that’s four hours more than Business students, who presumably just have to learn a variety of different slang words for ‘money’ to yell down the phone at investors or something.

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See for yourself just how hard (or not) your mates are supposed to be working by checking out this table below:

[infogram id=”67c71858-fffa-415c-8520-8e50588340f4″ prefix=”Sla” format=”interactive” title=”Untitled infographic”]

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