Taco Bell is opening in Bournemouth next week

Only one week to wait!

Theory: You can spot an AUB student just from their clothing

Shawty had them denim dungarees, multi-coloured hair (coloured haaaiiirrr)

Exclusive: More BU students are having counselling than ever before

Over 900 students have sought support already this academic year

Here are all the signs you might be living in a ‘sad girl house’

The inhabitants will usually be found in their living room wearing dressing gowns and waiting for their hair to dry

Bournemouth fresher died in halls because she couldn’t afford her prescription

Victoria Hills was found dead in Cranborne in February

Murdered by a ‘man in a mask’: The mystery of the Bournemouth student killed walking home from a night out

Jong-Ok Shin was stabbed to death in 2002

Exclusive: These are the Bournemouth Uni degrees with the most drop outs

Business studies topped the rankings

Revealed: The hygiene ratings of your fave Bournemouth takeaways

No wonder I always feel ill ffs

Here’s some of the best snow pics of Bournemouth today, proving it’s the prettiest place in the UK

Warning: Many dogs are featured

All the trends we Bournemouth girls live for

The ’90s keeps making a return

One SUBU election candidate’s campaign page is literally just a whole bunch of memes

This is democracy 2018 style

BU and AUB’s best dressed on campus this month

Back at it again for this month’s looks

Clubbers left hospitalised after taking ‘life-threatening’ ecstasy pills in Bournemouth

Concerns have been raised over the ‘Blue Punisher’ pill

Storm Emma hits BU with blizzard conditions

Not being dramatic but everything is cancelled

Buffalo Bar is reopening in Lansdowne this month

Who’s excited?!

Man charged with attempted murder after a car was driven into staff outside Halo

He was initially released under investigation

I lost my leg and suffered internal burning after being electrocuted

It’s a miracle that she’s alive

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