There’s a new club event coming to Bournemouth where the drinks get cheaper and cheaper throughout the night

It’s launching for Freshers’ Week

A freshers’ guide to BU: The essentials you should remember to pack

Let’s hope the lifts are working when you move in

If you go to Bournemouth uni you will officially have a higher salary after graduation

There is a god and he loves BU

Everyone stop what you’re doing: Revolution has a vodka-filled unicorn frappe on their new cocktail menu

Vodka? In a frappe? Yes, yes please.

‘I wouldn’t wish this on my most hated enemy’: BU rugby player paralysed on his way to summer ball

A spinal injury means he may not walk again

Vote for Summer Ball 2017’s best dressed: Round One

Wavey garms

Do you think that you know someone who was Summer Ball 2017’s best dressed?

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Just a list of things that you can actually do in Bournemouth now exams are finally over

Guilt free fun

A Bournemouth uni gal is in the line up of ITV2’s Love Island 2017

She’s on the lacrosse and netball team

Security in Bournemouth is being upped after the Manchester attack

Places like Cameo and 7s festival are included

The guy that went viral DJing in Dorchester actually played Cameo main room last night

He took his iron and everything

The rugby team were banned from Sports Ball so they threw their own formal at a luxury hotel

‘Previous incidents’ meant they weren’t allowed in

A Bournemouth pub is offering a free pint just for registering to vote

No need for cash, a polling card will get you a beer

The New Forest is one the most Instagrammed locations in the entire world

And the fifth in the UK

Fancy a new lover? Well, now you can find one on a blind date in Dylan’s Bar

Never mind Tinder, Dylan’s Bar is the new Cupid

‘Incredibly offensive, hurtful and upsetting’: Racist and anti-semetic graffiti has gone up in Winton

Pictures have been posted in anti racism Facebook groups

Save the Winchester: Petition reaches nearly one thousand signatures in just a few hours

The venue faces closure