Bournemouth’s Biggest BNOC: Submit your nominees now

Who is the Biggest Name on Campus?

This is how you could be off to Bestival, just by getting your Summer Ball ticket

Welcome to the world of 2-4-1 festivals

If you relate to any of these 29 things, congratulations! You have a uni wife

She’s a balance of supportive yet brutal, like good uni wives should be

Why do Bournemouth students insist on doing all these things the second the sun comes out?

We’re by the beach, we will use it

Revealed: This is what actually happens when you’re caught with drugs at BU

Students got off lighter for Class As than Bs

Here are all the signs you might be living in a ‘sad girl house’

The inhabitants will usually be found in their living room wearing dressing gowns and waiting for their hair to dry

Here’s some of the best snow pics of Bournemouth today, proving it’s the prettiest place in the UK

Warning: Many dogs are featured

Winton is one of the most burgled student areas in the country

Watch ya laptops lads

One SUBU election candidate’s campaign page is literally just a whole bunch of memes

This is democracy 2018 style

Storm Emma hits BU with blizzard conditions

Not being dramatic but everything is cancelled

Buffalo Bar is reopening in Lansdowne this month

Who’s excited?!

Remembering Luna in Solihull: The most tragic, but best hometown club in the UK

Who knew listening to ‘Low’ seven times is so much fun?

PICTURED: An exclusive look inside the all-new, refurbished Cameo main room

The relaunch party is on Friday

Purple Turtle in Reading is the most tragic night out in the UK

I’m calling it

The drop out rate for international students at BU has reached record highs

Most students listed “other personal reasons” when withdrawing

BU students are raising money for refugees by holding massive nights out

The money goes straight into refugee projects

Do you have the best student house in Bournemouth?

Living like a king over here

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