These are scariest things you can encounter as a Bournemouth Uni student

Being a student is scary, but being a Bournemouth Uni student is even scarier

University in general can be extremely daunting. Having to think about those long academic essays that are due in a couple of days, which you probably haven’t even started yet. From those long bus queues to the circuit laundry.

Here are the nine scariest things you can encounter as a Bournemouth uni student:

1. 9am lectures

Having to wake up for that one 9am lecture. Especially on a Wednesday, after Toast Tuesdays at Revs.

2. Alarms

Walls being thin, and hearing everyone else’s alarms go off early in the morning. As it happens to be on that one day you don’t have a 9am lecture.

3. Queues for buses

As the accommodation and lectures are on different campuses you have to, unfortunately, wait for the bus. Meaning long queues and sometimes having to stand up on the bus because of course there are no seats left.

4. Packages

You get a notification from Amazon that your package has arrived. But in reality, you actually have to wait another five hours until you can actually receive your parcel, as reception has to list all the packages.

5. Grocery shopping

Forgetting you actually have to walk back from Asda to your accommodation, ending up with six heavy bags you have to carry on your own back. Let’s hope the plastic bags don’t rip.

6. Limited laundry spaces

You bring a bag of laundry downstairs and it turns out all the spaces are full. Or even worse, someone’s laundry cycle has been completed and they haven’t come to collect it yet, hoarding that space.

7. Freshers’ Flu

Once one person coughs in a lecture it’s an automatic okay pass for others to cough, which then leads to an endless domino effect.

8. No good seats left

Thinking you’re going to a lecture five minutes early, means you’re five minutes late. As the majority of the class got there 10 minutes before you and all the good seats are gone. Meaning you have to sit in direct eye contact with the teacher.

9. As soon as the teacher speaks

Everyone violently types on their laptops. What are they typing? Why are they typing? It’s been five minutes and I have a blank word document and the person in front of me has written four paragraphs.

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