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These are the best places for a hangover cure breakfast in Bournemouth

Sometimes all you need after a heavy night out, is an even heavier breakfast – just make sure you can keep it down

Sometimes the best hangover cure is a banging breakfast to bring you back to life – or as close to it as possible. Bournemouth has got plenty of food spots to assist in your resurrection after a night out, but where are the best spots? Well look no further. These are the best breakfast spots in Bournemouth to cure your hangover:

1. Any Wetherspoons

How could we not start this list with a cheap and cheerful breakfast from everybody’s favourite chain of pubs? With everything you could want from the full works of a large full English breakfast for just £5.80 to something a bit less greasy with porridge, fresh fruit, toast and a whole host of other options, spoons will sort you out, and won’t give you the fear of dread when you eventually pluck up the courage to check your bank account following the night before.

best breakfast bournemouth

2. Conto Lounge

If you are a student living in Winton, you will more than likely already know about this beauty of a restaurant. With arguably my favourite full English breakfast in all of Bournemouth, the Lounge restaurants are a massive sort out for the hangover jitters. With a slightly higher price than spoons of £9.50 for a full English (lounge breakfast) or £13.75 for their “Big Lounge Breakfast” which consists of smokey bacon, Cumberland sausages, hash browns, baked beans, slow-roasted tomato, black pudding, mushrooms, two fried eggs and two slices of sourdough toast – this is my favourite breakfast on this list by far. Don’t fancy a fry up? They also do poached eggs, toast with a choice of toppings and pancakes – just to name a few of the choices. They also do a lovely iced coffee to give you that extra kick of energy and wash down the breakfast you have just demolished.

best breakfast bournemouth

3. Flirt Cafe

Flirt Cafe in Bournemouth triangle will flirt with your tastebuds when you thought it wasn’t possible in your almost deceased state. If you can deal with the slight sensory overload of colours as the cafe is quite a vibrant setting, definitely pay Flirt a visit because they will rustle you up something that is going to make you feel so much better than you expected you could feel in your hungover self. From fry ups to “Flirty Smashed Avocado On Toast”, you’ve got a range of decent choices at Flirt, and the prices are pretty good as well, with the little breakfast coming in at £7.95 and the big breakfast only £10.95. You’ve also got pancakes and waffles on the menu, or if you need a bit more of a health kick they do a range of incredible smoothies to resurrect you.

4. McDonald’s Breakfast

I would be a fraud if I didn’t say that sometimes all you need is a greasy, stodgy, double sausage and egg McMuffin, a coffee, a hash brown, and another hash brown for good measure, all delivered to your front door to save you leaving the house looking like the mess that you think you do. McDonald’s is always a safe bet for a hungover breakfast, and the fact that it is just as good delivered as it is if you go to get it, makes this even better.

best breakfast bournemouth

Honestly this had to make the list, you can get a fry up delivered to your door, but that won’t hit as nicely as it will in the restaurant, but a McDonald’s breakfast in bed while you watch whatever series you’re currently watching or your favourite podcast or whatever it might be, now that slaps.

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