All the ways you can spot a Bournemouth University first year student

If they’re hungover on the uni bus, there’s a good chance they’re a fresher

The 24th of September in Bournemouth was quite an affair, it was the day when freshers from around the country ascended upon Talbot Campus to start university. All the societies were there hoping to snatch new meat to join their causes and of course, freebies were being given out, what’s a Freshers’ Fair without a free Dominos’s pizza voucher? But outside of the freshers events, you might think there’s no way of knowing what year someone is in. Here are a few ways you can always spot the newest cohort of students:

They frequent the uni bus

Early every morning all the new students are seen buzzing down past St Pauls Place on the uni bus. Beep, beep, free bus ride all day. We all know that most people don’t have a car at uni so either you’ve got a friend to catch a ride with or dread the early morning wake up to catch the bus whilst battling with the hangover from clubbing last night.

Owning a classic Bournemouth University branded hoodie

So how do you know if someone is a fresher? Well legend has it that Bournemouth University students have high school spirits and are eager to rep their uni. They wear hoodies that say Bournemouth University purchased from the shop in Talbot campus. Owning one is almost a right of passage at this point.

They are just so friendly

Freshers are so friendly; they have huge friendship groups that are almost like armies on campus. And they are always ready to strike up a conversation. The town during first term is just a magical time, let us not forget the fresh sneakers and latest clothing brands, you know someone’s a fresher by how good they look on campus.

If there’s a party, they’re there

Do not be fooled, freshers know how to party and are usually found at the Old Fire Station. Yes, it’s exactly how it sounds: an old fire station that is now a spot to drink and party. Bournemouth is truly quite quirky. We also have a church we party at called Halo but shh, don’t tell the freshers about it, they need to find it for themselves. Ok, one small tip if you’re still reading, another hotspot is Cameo, you are always guaranteed a good night out here.

They’re always dressed to impress

Trust me when I say spotting a first year is very easy as they be walking down these Bournemouth streets like it is a runway. You will spot the latest Jordans, Yeezys, Gucci, Channel, latest branded Nike – you understand what I am getting at. But this does not last long, just give it a few weeks and the Bournemouth equivalent of Paris Fashion Week will have come to an end.

They cook some questionable meals

To spot a fresher just take a walk down the student residential areas along Lansdowne Road. You will notice that every minute there is either a Just Eat delivery driver or Deliveroo rider on their way to service our first years, as not all of them can cook yet. If you get the chance to be invited into a first-year student hall in the first week of uni, you will see their fridge is full of food and the freezer looks healthy, but it does not last long. One sure thing is for sure, the restaurants in town benefit greatly from the freshers.

Literally all of them have Freshers’ Flu

Now I’m sorry but I have to be honest, another way to spot freshers is to just follow the tissue trail. Freshers’ Flu anyone? I mean I am not surprised; late nights at the beach having BBQs, nights out, and people from all across the country all coming together is a recipe for the flu.

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