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A ‘Pot Shop’ has Opened in Bournemouth…but it’s not what you think

‘Pot Shop’ causes controversy amongst local residents

A new business venture named 'The Pot Shop' has recently opened in Bournemouth, and despite concerns from local residents, it's not a cannabis café.

Stuart Semple, the artist behind the venture, assured the Bournemouth Tab that residents are mistaken, and his installation is a homage to pop artist Keith Haring.

'The art installation I made sells rare imported pot noodles from around the globe and is in no way related to the use of illegal substances.'

Semple added 'I really thought the people of Bournemouth would enjoy the noodles, magazines, and vegan sugar free cakes for the kids.'

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Owner Stuart Semple and his vast selection of noodles

Some residents believed the shop, located in the Bournemouth Triangle, would promote the use of cannabis, and called for BCP Council to shut it down.

The store boasts more than 30 instant pot noodles, including imported Pokémon noodles from Japan (which after tasting I would highly recommend!) There's also a range of unique magazines from across the globe that you can read while you wait.

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The Pokémon noodles even feature edible Pikachus'!

The shop is situated opposite a primary school, and while there was a sign in the window that said 'Shit Hot Coffee', Semple has since agreed to not make it visible during school times.

Despite only being open four days, and getting off to a bit of a bumpy start, 'The Pot Shop' seems to have a lot of potential!

Bournemouth might not be transitioning into the UK's Amsterdam just yet, but you do now have a unique place to eat some noodles!