Bournemouth University will not be calling students back from Hong Kong

The university will ‘monitor’ the situation

Bournemouth University have announced that they won’t be calling students back from Hong Kong.

Bournemouth is amongst the growing amount of Universities who have announced they will not be pulling study abroad students immediately out of Hong Kong, including St Andrews and Exeter.

Other Universities, including Aberdeen, University of Edinburgh and Warwick, have called for the return of all students working and studying in Hong Kong at the current time due to the immediate threat to safety.

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A spokesperson for Bournemouth University told The Bournemouth Tab: "We have contacted our students in Hong Kong to check they are safe and if there is anything we can do to support them.

"We are not currently asking students to return to the UK, although we continue to monitor the situation closely."

A resident of Hong Kong who supplied us with pictures of the city told The Bournemouth Tab: "It's more scary than amazing, the situation is bad.

"Schools are closed, we work remotely from home, supermarkets are empty. It's almost war."

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Supermarket in the mid levels of Hong Kong Island

Protests in Hong Kong have been ongoing for the last five months but escalation this week has seen transportation shut downs and violent protests.

Hundreds have been injured and frequent petrol bombs have been thrown since the start of the problems Hong Kong.

Flash mob style lunchtime protests have been taking place since Monday and multiple shops have been ransacked and vandalised meaning local businesses have been severely affected since the beginning of the unrest.

If any students have further information about the current problems Hong Kong is facing please contact [email protected]

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