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Bournemouth crowned the #1 seaside town in the UK!

I mean are you really surprised?

Well I think we all saw this coming, Bournemouth has been crowned the number 1 seaside town in the UK! With long stretches of beach, amazing food and stunning views, is it really much of a surprise that we won?

When measuring what makes a good beach, the following things have an impact on the result: Hours of sunlight, average temperature, family friendliness, cost of ice cream and the number of Instagram hashtags.

10/10 would highly recommend

And don't deny it, we're always taking candids and cute sunset photos for the gram so the last factor isn't really that surprising!

The beach is honestly the best place for students. Hit double-digit degrees? Tops off, 4 pack of dark fruits and a BBQ. It's such a relaxing place to sit with good friends, light a fire and drink as much £3.80 tesco wine as humanely possible!

And obviously, you can't forget about the best part of being at the beach, which is always going to be Harry Ramsden's!

All in all, Bournemouth 100% deserve this victory and let's all have a great summer! One final note though, the water is still freezing even if the sun is burning hot!

Think the faces say it all