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Angus Findlay the new MIC star from BU, says he is hooking up with his mentor

This is according to claims he’s made in the show


Angus Findlay, a 20 year-old BU student, has just made his first appearance in Made in Chelsea. He is a second year Television production student at Bournemouth University, alongside his career as a model in London. In fact, he's signed to BMA models, so his insta is packed to the brim of all the modelling shoots he's done. He is originally from London according to his Facebook, but actually lives in Reading.

So, let's get to the real nitty gritty…

Angus revealed something very shocking during his first appearance on series 17 of the MIC show. He had a very interesting story to share after fellow new cast member Amelia Mist asks him if he has "hooked up recently".

Go over to The Bournemouth Tab Insta story to see the clip.

Angus: "One conquest… which was quite a dangerous one."

Amelia: "Oh god, here we go again."

Angus: "Well yeah, so at uni, I've hooked up with my, kind of, mentor, who's grading my piece."

Amelia: "So you passed?"

Angus: "Well yeah, I don't want to sound arrogant but I probably passed."

Yeah, absolute madness really. We're not sure if he should have shared that information but all in all, it's a bit of juicy gossip. And well, we can't deny that we all love a bit of juicy gossip.

Head to our insta story here to see a clip of Angus confessing his romantic 'hook-up' with his university mentor.