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Chkn Station given a zero hygiene rating after RATS were found in its storeroom

Disappointed but not surprised

It’s bad news for fried chicken lovers, as one of Bournemouth’s best loved takeaways has been given a zero hygiene rating after its storeroom was found to be infested with rats. Yep, you read that right.

Inspectors gave Chkn Station on Old Christchurch Road the lowest possible food hygiene rating and according to the food standards authority, a zero rating means that urgent improvement is required in order to ensure safety to consumers.

After a visit in January, the Bournemouth takeaway was ordered to bring in pest control experts to eradicate the rodent infestation in its basement storeroom. The issue had been reportedly going on for around three months prior to the visit.

The storeroom has since been closed off in an attempt to contain the issue but further concerns were also raised about staff not being able to properly wash their hands due to the high-water temperature in the restaurant and the lack of overclothes available for staff preparing meat.

Chkn Station has reportedly followed the environmental health’s advice in an effort to contain and improve the issues.

The news raises questions about whether food outlets should be required to display their food rating in a visible location. This is currently not required in England but is the law in Wales and Northern Ireland to allow consumers to make an informed choice about where they choose to eat.

So next time you’re feeling more than a little worse for wear after a Cameo Wednesday it might not have just been the booze that unsettled your stomach.