Halo are hosting a ‘Bird Box’ event night – we asked why

I can barely get through the crowd with my eyes open in Halo, let alone being blindfolded

We've all seen it on Netflix.

It literally took over the entirety of Twitter – people were literally shooketh at what life would be like with a blindfold over our eyes, trying to relate to what it would be like to go outside and have to avoid eye contact with anything (if you haven't seen it, you must be living in a hole).

Halo nightclub are hosting a 'Bird Box Blowout' event on the 4 Febuary – best pull your best blindfolds out for free entry.

So, we spoke to the manager of Halo and he told us about the event that they're hosting.


Q: Why did you decide to host this themed night?

A: We decided to do this event as it is a very popular film at the moment and we thought it would be a good laugh.

Q: How do you think the event will turn out? Are you worried that people might be bumping into each other all night?

A: With regards to the blindfolds, if you read the actual event we are only suggesting people wear them once we have had their ID scanned and as they go through reception to gain free entry. We are not actually expecting people to wear them all night.


Q: What message can you send out to people attending the night?

A: We want people to know that we are also giving away Netflix vouchers and that the theme is just a bit of a laugh. Please do not attempt to spend the whole night blindfolded.

Q: Does it worry you that, as there has been some controversy around the Bird Box challenge, that people might take things too far at the event?

A: Customer safety is always our highest priority. Once they are in the venue, security, management and staff will be ensuring they are not worn while walking around the venue to avoid any incidents. We are not giving away blindfolds and we are not telling people they must bring one with them, it is just an option for them. Staff will be very strict on blindfolds being worn inside the venue.

Tickets are £3.