Customers at a Bournemouth Greggs are getting refunds because a seagull keeps stealing their food

The bird has been stalking people as they leave the bakery with their purchases

Staff at a Bournemouth Greggs are giving out refunds and free items because a seagull keeps stealing customers’ food.

The bird in question waits outside the Greggs in Bournemouth town centre and stalks customers as they leave, taking their freshly purchased pastries.

The greedy seagull has been spotted swooping down and stealing sausage rolls, doughnuts and even baguettes from customers before they get to dig in to their first bite. The seagull has even earned his own title, the “Greggs gull”.

The situation has become so serious that Greggs staff are now either giving targeted customers their money back or replacing their orders for free.

Rob Dawson, Assistant Manager of the town centre Greggs, said: “For the last two weeks I have had quite a few customers telling me their sausage rolls, baguettes and donuts have been nicked. This bird is a cheeky little thing”.

He has since been forced to tell customers not to eat their food outside the store in case it attracts the seagull.