Exclusive Nathan Dawe interview: His plans for Foreverland this weekend

He literally makes up his sets while he’s performing

As you probably already know, Nathan Dawe will be headlining this Saturday's 'Enchanted Forest Rave' Foreverland event at the Old Fire Station.

He will be playing the entire set at the show by himself.

Bournemouth will be Nathan's first stop to kick off a crazy end of the year for him, as he will be performing at various venues across the country for his solo tour.

The Bournemouth Tab asked him a few questions about the event, but also about how mad life as a DJ actually is, because let's be honest – that's what we all want to know.

What are you most looking forward to about Foreverland?

I'm really excited for the event. I've heard good things – the crowd is always vibing. It was popping off when I performed in Bournemouth in Summer 2015.

When did you realise you were starting to get a big name for yourself?

When I was asked for my first picture by a fan, I thought, why with me?

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You can literally wear anything to this event and not be judged

What is the maddest thing you've ever seen in the crowd while DJing?

At festivals, there's always mad things happening. People are always taking their tops off. In Zante, I saw someone being sick into a bucket hat.

What is your favourite VK flavour?

The blue one. Or is that WKD?

What set are you planning to play at Foreverland?

I play a cross-genre. I never plan a set – I start with bassline, then play a mixture of house, hip hop, and grime.

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Foreverland has been a really popular event in Bournemouth for the past few years

When did everything start getting crazy for you?

There was one moment last year, when I did my first show at Ushuaia, Ibiza and I went backstage, and realised how many celebrities and music acts were all there.

This started with me making Soundcloud mixes – I made it from doing that. I started getting emails from people, asking me if I could come to these clubs and perform. I'm really involved, so I make all the decisions by myself.

Foreverland tickets are £12 plus a booking fee. You can buy them here. If you want the chance to win tickets, the Bournemouth Tab are giving away four tickets – share this post and you will be informed if you win.