Here are all the Bournemouth Freshers’ events you need to know about

We did the research so you don’t have to

Starting university can be overwhelming, constant promoters annoying you to come to their nights, hangovers and your flatmate has still not done their washing up!

Luckily, we've compiled a list of the best events for you to get messy at for Freshers' fortnight. So you basically have no excuse to stay in for the next two weeks.

Oh and by the way, say hello to being a zombie in every lecture you manage to drag yourself along to. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Home Slice Free Pizza Welcome Party | Tuesday 18th September | £4

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Twenty slices please

Let's be honest, when are you going to say no to free food, especially when it comes to pizza? Also, they're going to have three rooms open, so whether you're into pop, indie or alternative rock, there's a place for you.

Cameo – The Freshers Zoo Party | Tuesday 18th September | £6

If you need an excuse to whip out those cat ears that are leftover from Halloween 2014 then The Freshers Zoo Party at Cameo is the perfect opportunity. You can expect inflatable animals (which obviously we'll try and steal), face masks and animal onesies!

Halo – Dazed: The Bournemouth Launch Party | Tuesday 18th September | £5

Featuring Chris Lorenzo, if you love getting pissed in a converted church then you cannot miss this night!

Comedy Central LIVE | Wednesday 19th September | £4

Full of laughs, as you'd expect. More of a chilled one than a mad night out, and it lets you work out what kind of humour your new flat mates have.

Cameo – Guilty! | Wednesday 19th September | £5

Listen, Cameo on a Wednesday is like church on Sunday for Bournemouth students. If you want to dance to some Whitney in Vinyl or go downstairs for some rap/R&B/grime then this is the place for you. Featured DJs for the night are Nathan Dawe, Foor and Cadet.

Jaguar Skills | Thursday 20th September | £6

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Scenes of Jaguar Skills playing at the OFS 3 years ago

A pretty big DJ night – definitely one for the ravers of B-town. Probs some sick lights for you to capture for your first Freshers' Insta. Obvs the only reason you're going out.

Lollipop – Freshers Special | Friday 21st September | £3

Posted by The Old Fire Station on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The night everyone goes to. Two rooms, one being mainstream, pop/house music and the other R & B, grime and rap. You'll meet all your new mates here basically

Halo – Halo Sessions 18 | Friday 21st September | £9

Back to church to repent your sins from the first week of freshers, featuring number one selling artist James Hype.

The Student Garden Party | Saturday 22nd September | £20

Posted by The Student Garden Party on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A mini festival with sick DJs and also an Applebum tent if that's more your style. There's a bar with fairly-priced drinks as well. DJ Luck & MC Neat are there this year, along with Monki, Kenny Allstar, Koomz and Patrick Nazemi.

O2 Academy – VK Electric | Saturday 22nd September | £14

Sponsored by Bournemouth's favourite beverage, VK, the UK's biggest Full Moon party (glow paint and glow sticks), features Tom Zanetti and K.O Kane!

Triple Cooked: Bournemouth – Weird & Wonderful Tour | Tuesday 25th September | £6

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Pull your best shapes like this lad

One for the artsy people, a night of disco and house music, stalls, art and decor. They've had shows in France and Croatia during the summer.

BINGO LINGO Bournemouth – Freshers Tour | Wednesday 26th September | £10.72

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Sorry but I still better win

A smashing bingo night, but not like one your nan would drag you along to (soz, nan) – more like one big bingo party with challenges and dance-offs.

Bomo Bunker – RAMEN ラーメン 006 | Wednesday 26th September | £4

For those with an eclectic taste in music, RAMEN is the night for you. From old school hip-hop to future beats, to funk and disco. RAMEN will take you through the eras of timeless sounds.

Applebum – The Freshers Jump Off | Thursday 27th September | £8

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Guaranteed to get your jam on

Get ya twerk on during this night. It celebrates hip hop culture like no other night – if you like Chris Brown, Travis Scott, Rihanna, etc, then you will enjoy the music.

Bournemouth Freshers Cosmic Carnival Rave | Saturday 29th September | £7.50

Posted by Foreverland on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hosted by Foreverland, this is a pretty magical night with loads of sick visually-pleasing characters floating about in the air and house music. Get your mermaid tops out for this one, gals.

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