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BU students launch ‘Lay on the floor outside SUBU until they bring back MyBU’ protest

Goodbye Brightspace

If you are one of the students who's been left with no choice but to use Brightspace, you'll be pleased to hear a protest event has been created to bring back MyBU.

The Facebook event invites BU students to "Lay on the floor outside SUBU until they bring back MyBU" for 24 hours on October 1st.

There are currently 67 people attending with over 300 people interested.

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Let's be honest, MyBU was really easy to use – they didn't even need to run those lectures showing you how to use it because it was so user-friendly.

But they decided to make Brightspace, a new website to use for our unit information and what not, meaning you have to upload most of your assignments on there.

Don't get me started on the fact that you can't remove a file upload and replace it with an updated version. If your OCD is anything like mine, then let's just say, it's slightly stressful to use at times.

A turn out as big as this iconic summer ball survivors pic please

The host of the event told The Tab Bournemouth: "I was saddened by the news that BU were switching over to a new VLE – many of us students have come to adore our beloved MyBU with its easy accessibility and functionality.

"Brightspace represents a new curve in our university experience and I feel this could be a tricky hurdle for all of us to get over.

"MyBU doesn't deserve this injustice, and I'll do all that I can to keep it in our lives."

You can find more information via the Facebook event here.