A sneak peak inside Bournemouth uni’s £39.5 million summer makeover

It’s super snazzy and insta-worthy

Bournemouth uni is going to look pretty different this year, as over summer it's been having a £39.5million makeover.

Firstly, there is a God for anyone who is still looking for accommodation this September, whether you're a fresher or in your final year.

Oxford Point is a new accommodation building with private studios for those who like their own company, or they've got en-suite rooms in shared apartments.

It's on Holdenhurst Road which means you'll literally be right next to town and the beach. If you chose Bournemouth for its seaside perks, then I guess it's pretty much ideal.

Prices start from £154 per week.

And that's not all. A new building is also being built for the Faculty of Health and Social Science, so if you study a subject under that category, count yourself lucky.

It's already in the works, and the building will be based in Lansdowne for all locals and Bournemouth uni students as an academic place (basically a new location where you can pull your hair out to write that essay due for tomorrow).

Also, that means it's very near to Domino's and all the other food places you can't seem to keep away from. Oops.

It'll also be far easier than getting the uni bus to Talbot Campus, so there's not really an excuse for getting behind on work (we joke, there is always an excuse, but you get what we're saying).

The facilities will also be used to train healthcare workers, including nurses, midwives and paramedics.

For any info on Oxford Point accommodation, their website is here.