A couple have been caught having sex outside Bournemouth university campuses

They downed a bottle of pink gin first

A couple have been caught having sex on a grass verge near the campuses of BU and AUB, as students watched.

The pair necked a bottle of pink gin and six beers between them, before having sex and hurdling abuse at onlooking students who asked them to stop.

Kimberley Hockley, 23, and Michael O'Brien, 29, were arrested for outraging public decency when police arrived on the scene.

The incident happened by Gillet Road, which runs behind Bournemouth and AUB campuses, by Student Village.

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It happened by the Premier that's near Student Village

The Sun report that Prosecutor Richard Oakley told Magistrates that the pair were "highly intoxicated" and that Hockley had admitted to having sex in public after drinking for most of the day.

"It wasn't planned, she didn't think at all about what they were doing," he said.

She was given an 18-month conditional discharge at Poole magistrates' court and O'Brien was fined.

O'Brien told The Sun: “We were both drunk and made a stupid, drunken decision, which we now have to handle the repercussions of.”

The pair have since split.