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If you relate to any of these 29 things, congratulations! You have a uni wife

She’s a balance of supportive yet brutal, like good uni wives should be

At uni you probably have that one friend that you're closest to out of everyone. You do everything together, and then talk about everything you do together, together.

Have you ever sat back and thought – this girl is more than just a best friend? She's basically a wife?

These 29 things will prove to you if you and your significant other at uni act like an actual married couple.

Literally every move you make, she is aware of it

Going to uni? Text her. Making a cuppa? Text her. Having a shower? Text her.

Every single situation ever, you’ll work out a way to do it together

We can totally do this individual presentation as a pair right????

You’re both constantly in your PJs and dressing gown

Unless you’re going into uni or town there’s really no other outfit necessary.

‘I’m cooking now’ is a regular text you send to each other

Well company is needed, isn’t it?

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We always cook together, it comes naturally to us

All day every day is spent in the same spot in the living room, or alternated in each other’s rooms

Both complaining about how you haven’t showered in two days but not even judging each other.

You borrow clothes, makeup and everything else without even asking because you know you don’t need to – she won’t mind

There’s no point in texting her because you already know the answer will be “omg ofc you can why did you even ask?”

It's normal to text each other saying “miss you” when you’re apart

Even if you’re just in separate rooms, it’s still an emotional time.

You’ll do the protective dance between her and some sleazy boy who’s trying to grind on her

It’s a sort of shimmy and death threat smile. Don’t come near her again babe, or I’ll kill ya.

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You only tag them in memes, and NO ONE ELSE

It’s genuinely against the law to tag anyone other than your uni wife.

There is the song

No matter where you are, if this song comes on you instantly think of her. It’s always requested at the DJ booth on a night out by one of you.

Getting ready for a night out is always done together

Nights out aren’t nights out unless you set up a beauty station in the living room or one of your rooms to get ready together, whilst listening to the playlist you made…together.

Speaking of getting ready together, you’ll often do each other’s makeup

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. You’ve got your girls back when it comes to that perfect smokey eye.

They’re brutally honest with you

All these other snakes are saying you look amazing in that skirt, whereas she’s calling you fat – and you love her for that.

They’ll send you cute good luck and motivational texts before exams

“Babe you’re gonna absolutely smash it, prosecco ready for when you get back!!!”

When you break up with someone, they’re the first to start Operation Fuck Men

Ice cream, booze, little presents from Lush, deleting all your photos together – they’ve got this down.

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The He Wasn't Worth It Anyway starter pack

She’s also got your back if the boy was trash from the beginning

“Girl, don’t even get involved with him you can do so much better, please."

You’ll clean each others dishes or hang up each other’s washed clothes, but no one else’s

No one else deserves such compassion, you earn that right.

They’re the first to like, comment, share anything you do


Your Instagram, and the uni wife’s account are filled with pictures literally of both of you in the same location of the house, in the same pose

There’s no arguing of who stands where, you just know.

You’ve got notifications on for when they post an Insta

You’re damn right you’ll be her first like and comment.

Because she’s not just a uni wife, she’s an Insta wife

Best believe all those fit candids out drinking cocktails are taken by the other half. And she probably chose which one you went Insta live with too.

You’d always rather just be hanging out with her than everyone else

They all get in the way of your jokes, plus how can you bitch about them when they’re all around??

You’ll never make a trip to the shop alone, ever

Going to Lidl on your own for whatever reason is an absolute travesty. Even if the other needs absolutely nothing, or even if she went half an hour ago – she’s coming too.

You’ll literally sacrifice your degree for her – if she hasn’t started that essay, you’re not going to either

Uni wives that slay together, fail together.

And no matter what your results, she’ll big you up like you just got 100 per cent

You accidentally dress the same quite often

As you leave your rooms you glance to the side, oh so you chose black jeans and a pink jumper today as well? Get it girl.

In fact, you start doing a lot of things the same

“Omg I was gonna have pesto pasta tonight too!”
“No way, I bought that Rosé for pres as well!”

You have a TV series you watch together…or multiple

Texts saying “omg we’ve got an episode of Real Housewives to watch tonight”, are regular, and neither of you will watch it without the other, that’s sacrilege.