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Theory: You can spot an AUB student just from their clothing

Shawty had them denim dungarees, multi-coloured hair (coloured haaaiiirrr)

Let's be real, there's a definite distinction between an AUB student and a BU student. Let's be even more real, it's probably down to clothes.

I'm not saying that BU students can't rock the same vibe as Arts University students and vice versa, but the general consensus is that AUB students can pull pretty much anything off because they're arty and cool.

Don't argue with me on it, you've definitely seen a guy walking through Talbot campus in some light-wash rolled up denim jeans and an oversized jazzy t-shirt and thought he goes to AUB before. Well if you haven't, here are some classic tell tale signs of an Arts University student, illustrated by their very own Katie Brookes.

Bold coloured hair

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We've all been through the 'Rihanna red' phase, but have any of us actually had the guts to venture beyond that? Spot a girl with bright pink hair, another with half her hair white/grey and the other half black, and another with space buns in a different colour to the rest of her hair and the chances are they're doing an art degree. It's a look for the brave.

Rolled beanie hats

The regular beanie hat is something we all wear, they're great for bad hair days and look good on pretty much anyone. But I swear AUB goers are the only people you'll catch with a beanie hat on that's been rolled up at the bottom about two or three times to the point where it looks like it's about to pop off their head.

Edgy shoes and on-purpose ankle swingers

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Dr. Martens and Vans with pulled-up socks are a look on campus at the moment. Paired together with some culottes on a girl or rolled up trousers or jeans on a boy and you have yourself a classic AUB look. Edgy but easy, the kind of no effort look if you will.

A short sleeved tee over a long sleeved tee

Picture early 2000s Disney shows, Lizzie McGuire-esque. That sort of vibe. Sometimes you'll even spot the particularly edgy AUB student who's wearing a long sleeved turtle kneck under a short sleeved top. The rest of us wouldn't dare, but they somehow pull it off??

Tote bags from their fav museums

The chances are extremely high that if you ever come across an Arts University student they'll have been to just about every museum in the UK. On top of that, they'll most likely have a tote bag to prove it. Went museum browsing in London last weekend? Catch them with a V&A branded tote full of sketch books and decorated with badges of their favourite bands.

Paint-splattered clothing

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Perhaps the most obvious sign of an AUB student, yes, but a sign nonetheless. If you see someone around uni with paint-splattered garms, unless they've been renovating their house and just popped out for a lecture, they're an AUB student. The most classic look of the classic signs is dungarees covered in paint, glue and other various arts and crafts. To be honest, I've seen high street brands selling already-paint-splattered denim before, so maybe AUB students are just ahead of the trends?

And generally AUB students just look like they're from a different era? They werk it with anything from Tudor vibes to the 90s looks. BU students could learn a thing or two.

All illustrations by Katie Brookes. You can find some more of her work on her Instagram page, @katiebrookesillustration.