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Bournemouth fresher died in halls because she couldn’t afford her prescription

Victoria Hills was found dead in Cranborne in February

Victoria Hills, a fresher at Bournemouth, died in her halls bedroom because she had put off visiting the uni GP, knowing she couldn't afford the prescription.

Vicky had been suffering from an ear infection – but had decided not to get treatment because of the costs.

Victoria's student loan had not yet come through, meaning she felt she couldn't visit the campus doctors and receive her prescription.

The 20-year-old Music and Sound Production student was found dead in Cranborne Halls in the early hours of February 6th.

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She died in bed in Cranborne halls of residence

Victoria, known to her friends as Vicky, had asked her friends to buy her painkillers before getting an early night. Most of her flatmates had gone home for the weekend, meaning Vicky wasn't found until more than a day after she had passed away.

When her flatmates returned to the flat, they realised they hadn't seen or heard from her and security broke into her room, where she was found in her bed.

It is thought she died in the early hours of Sunday, February 4th.

Although her cause of death has not yet been fully explained, it is suspected it could be sepsis, or blood poisoning – which occurs in response to an infection, usually bacterial.