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Revealed: The hygiene ratings of your fave Bournemouth takeaways

No wonder I always feel ill ffs

Stumbling into an extremely bright takeaway shop after a big Wednesday night out isn't exactly foreign to most of us, but sadly the food might not always be as good as we think it is.

And by "good", I mean hygiene-wise. At one point we did literally have rats in student fav Wok 2 Go, but how do our other hotspots fare?

Thanks to the Food Standards Agency's website, The Tab Bournemouth took a look at Bournemouth's popular late night food joints. Their ratings are below – with 5 being the best and 0 the worst.

Let's begin.

Munchies 2/5

Now this is a weak starting point isn't it. Munchies is known and loved by us all, and is perfectly on the route back to halls after a messy one. But scoring 2/5 isn't a good look for them, and might make you think twice before diving in head first into a kebab.

Fresco 5/5

Fresco did not come to play. Full marks for them, I reckon the Michelin star is on its way. Plus the bants is also top notch.

Bistro Pizza 4/5

Ahhhh, Bistro. Pizzas, kebabs and burgers galore. It's my favourite bright green landmark on a night out. Four out of five ain't bad either.

CHKN Station 5/5

Fair play, fair play. Your local takeaway to Cameo matches its quality chicken with quality hygiene. You can stumble there on a Wednesday night happily knowing your stomach will make it to Thursday morning just fine.

Mr Rice 4/5

Mr Rice is more than a takeaway, it is a way of life.

Mega Kebab and Pizza 3/5

Officially this means it is "generally satisfactory", which I think means it's okay. Okayish.

Chicken Cottage 4/5

Despite the odd sounding name, Chicken Cottage didn't do too badly overall. It seems to be quite a widespread brand, so they must be doing alright for themselves.

N JOY Pizza 5/5

10/10 would order again. I did N JOY.

Roosters Piri Piri 5/5

Roosters is an absolute dream on a night out, and you're lying if you say you've never been there. You may have passed out, but you defo went. It's also a banger in the day – which says a lot.

Pizza GoGo 4/5

It's a well known fact among us intellectual students that you must order the largest pizza possible and you have enough food to feed a family of five for an entire week. Big up.